Mums are brilliant!

As I write this we’re just two weeks away from Mother’s Day – an all round fantastic day to celebrate those brilliant, inspiring, life shaping warrior women that are MUMS!  I’m pretty excited as my next Crafternoon Cabaret Club is the day before Mother’s Day which means my crafter-mum is coming along!  Hooray – what a great excuse to sip cocktails, eat lovely food and of course spend a glorious afternoon doing some all-important crafting!  Bliss!

My mum is a real crafter and my interest in making, sewing, cutting, sticking, drawing and that whole arena of creativity almost definitely comes from her.  My mum, my sister and I used to do loads of arts and crafts activities when we were little.  One of the cleverest ideas was scratch artwork – effectively you colour a piece of paper in every colour of the rainbow, then cover this with black wax crayon, THEN you can scratch the black away to leave awesome rainbow images (if this makes no sense to you I found a great step by step online here).  I think we used to make a LOT of outer space and moon landing scenes – sure!  This activity must have taken HOURS – clever time filling Mum – but I loved it! I remember us doing everything from drawing and painting to religiously making pop-up cards for every single birthday and mother’s day that came our way.

My early creative days
My early creative days

Another enormous skill my mum had and inspired in me was costume making!  Our house was FULL of costumes – our dressing up box was my favourite thing with bits and pieces to create everything from Victorian gowns to full clown costumes, cowboys and Indians and the odd unicorn thrown in (OF COURSE!).  At my infant school there was an annual fair with a big fancy dress parade and my mum and dad were real pros in their work.  Once my sister dressed up as a statue on a plinth (with cardboard constructed plinth, Grecian outfit and full statue face paint), and one of my favourites was being transformed into Rapunzel (with cardboard castle, complete with graffiti and an enormous plait lovingly handmade from plaited wool by my mum!).  I still love fancy dress and the challenge of creating a costume from nothing, and I’ve always coveted being able to make my own clothes and accessories, which I’ve finally started to explore (gulp).


My mum’s latest love is scrapbooking and she actually has a scrapbooking room (yes that’s right – a whole room) dedicated to her craft!  Think wall to wall materials, bright natural light and a beautiful desk to work on.  It is to DIE FOR.  Every time I see it I just think ‘one day,one day, I will have my own craft studio one day…’

So here’s to all the brilliant mums out there: the funny mums, the cute mums, the bossy mums, the silly mums, the eccentric mums, the clever mums, the dancing-when-they’ve-had-a-wine-or-two mums and the cuddle-you-when-you’re-down mums!  Thanks for standing by us, picking us up when we fall, giving us a push when we need it, letting us make little mistakes and trying to stop us making big ones, making us laugh, teaching us all the things we were positive we would never need to know and not being too smug when we realise you were right.

You are fabulous!


There are still tickets available for this months Crafternoon Cabaret Club – if you’re looking for a fun way to spend an afternoon simply hanging out with your awesome mum this could be it!  See you there and Happy Crafternoon,




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