Crafternoon How-To: Mini Insta photo book!

Love Instagram? I do!  Is tagging facebook photos a basic need in your life? Sure!   But I’m terrible at getting round to actually getting my favourite snaps into my real life.  So, after spotting some gorgeous prints a friend of mine had from inkifi I thought ‘enough is enough!’: time to get crafty!

I’m a huge fan of framed photo collages but for this I wanted to create a more personal gift for my boyfriend (this tutorial was originally intended for Valentines but time life, and online surfing meant time ran, no raced, away from me… so let’s call this an Everyday I Love You gift!).

I selected 12 instagrammed images and had them printed at the smallest size.  My plan: to make a little photo book that could be displayed concertina style on our bookshelves but tucked tidily away into an envelop so it would surprise the lucky receiver.  However you could do this same tutorial with any size and any number of images depending on the final effect you were after.

You Will Need:

  • Printed photos
  • 2 pieces of cardboard the same size as your images (mine handily came with my Inkifi prints)
  • Pretty fabric
  • Scissors
  • Ribbons – as many as you want but at least a metre of each
  • Fabric glue

instagram photo book tutorial


Step One: Pick your pics

Lay your photos out in the order you want to see them – this could be chronological, follow a colour palette, or completely mishmashed.

Step Two: Ribbon

Lay your ribbons out on top of your photos to decide which ones you’ll use and in which order – the more ribbon attached to the back of the pictures, the more secure your displayed book will be.

instagram photo book tutorial

Step Three: Stick

Turn your photos over and lay them out in a straight line (check the top and bottom of each photo lines up).  Leave a small gap in between each photo (about 2mm) to allow for the ribbon fold when you put your book away.  Now starting at the centre (with the centre of your first ribbon) add fabric glue and glue the ribbon into place.  Continue working outwards and making sure the ribbon lies straight across the photos.  Add your other ribbons in the same way and leave to dry.  You should have a good 25 cm loose ribbon (of at least one ribbon type0 on either side of your photos hanging free.

instagram photo book tutorial

Step Four: Cover

Time to wrap your card pieces in fabric to make the covers of your book.  Cut enough fabric to wrap completely around each pieces of card and then glue into place (as if wrapping a present).  Leave until completely  dry before attaching to your photos.


Step 5: Bookend

Add your fabric book covers to either end of your string of photos by glueing the loose ribbon into place as before.  Leave to dry and then fold up and give to your favourite person so they always remember you!

For you!
For you!

instagram photo book tutorial

Photography by Hannah Cox.  Covered under copyright © creativise

Please don’t use without asking and always link back to my blog


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