Crafternoon How-To: Valentines Fascinator AKA Hair Candy

This year I am incredibly excited to be celebrating an alternative Valentines Day watching the super fabulous Katie Brennan (who also writes the witty and wonderful Bloody Hell Brennan blog) perform her latest solo cabaret show: Song Of The Single Girl: Still Single!!  Yes and Hurrah and Bring On The Gin!!

Naturally I’ll be getting glammed up (if only to try and match Katie who no doubt will be oozing sex appeal, glitter, enormous power ballad hair and some cheeky cleavage!).  I’ve decided to wear a fascinator I made about 6 months ago so I thought – Well Hey Why Not It’s Valentines After All – Why Not Get A Little Tutorial In There! (Apologies for the lack of photos with this how-to!)

I hope you enjoy!  And if you want more check out my simple fascinator tutorial HERE

You Will Need:

  • Felt
  • Lace
  • A couple of small pieces of pretty fabric (mine were spotty red and white)
  • Pearl beads
  • A crocodile hair slide


Step One: Lay Your Heart Bare

My fascinator is inspired by tunnel of love fairground rides – think big lit up heart entrances and fairground fun – rather beautiful caprtured in physical form by the stage at the Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club.


Start by cutting out two matching heart from your felt.  These will form the base of your fascinator.  My hearts were 9cm high and 8cm wide.  Set one heart aside to become the back of your fascinator later…

Step Two: Flowers and Fans

For all the fun of the fair in your hair (ha! rhymes) I added a gorgeous full circle fan made from lace and 2 cute puff flowers.  Create the fan by concertina folding your lace and sewing the folds together with a couple of stitches right in the centre.  Your lace should now be in a bow shape (also called an Accordion Bow).  Now fan out the outer corners to create a full circle and sew these sides together to create a full circle.

For your puff flowers cut out a 10cm diameter circle from each of your pretty fabrics then sew a running stitch around the outside of the circle.  When you return to the start pull your thread to gather the sides of the circle in and knot into place.  Now flatten your puff to create the flower shape and sew a few pearl beads into the centre.  Here’s some I made for another fascinator (you can never have too many fascinators)

flower templates
flower templates
Hurrah!  Flowers complete
Hurrah! Flowers complete

Stage Three: Stitch Up

Time to sew your details into place.  Sew your fan onto the pointed end of your heart and then sew your flowers on top of this (making sure everything is going through the felt heart to add some strength to your work).

Step Four: Slide and finish

Grab the felt heart your cut for the back of your fascinator earlier and stitch or stick your crocodile clip to the back (making sure it will match up with your ‘front’ felt heart to clip into your hair correctly).

Now sew your two heart together – I hid the stitching on the front by adding a cute little red bead on each stitch.  This also emphasized the heart shape and gave it a great lightbulb mirror feel (yes theatre!!).

And that’s it!  Clip it in and sashay your way through Valentines Day!

Valentines fascinator tutorial

Romance is in the air – and here are a few more designs to inspire you!

Valentines fascinator tutorial

Photography by Hannah Cox.  Covered under copyright © creativise

Please don’t use without asking and always link back to my blog


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