Crafternoon How-To: Cameo Wall Hanging

I love designs that remind me of gorgeous antiques and I adore the Victorian aesthetic.  I particularly love cameo brooches and necklaces so with Pinterest as my world of discovery, and armed with my little sketch book I leapt in and decided to have a go at making my own cameo wall hanging.

For this design I went with a stags head, partly because I’ve been coveting ceramic and metal mounted stags heads since before Christmas.  This will hopefully quench my need before I do something crazy on ebay! (and don’t even get me started on the temptation that is  You’ll also see in the images below (you clever eagle-eyed bunch) that I changed fabrics midway through.  This is because some really beautiful fabric I’d ordered arrived the morning after I started this project and I just couldn’t resist getting it involved!

You will need:

  • Embroidery Hoop (mine is 23cm)
  • Beautiful patterned fabric for your background
  • Thin black felt (wool blend please!)
  • Sharp scissors
  • Fabric glue and strong craft glue (to secure your fabric to your hoop)
  • Ribbon

*     *     *     *     *     *     *    *     *     *     *     *     *     *

Step One: Mount It

Place your fabric into your embroidery hoop, stretch so that the fabric is taut and then tighten your hoop again to hold the fabric in place.


Step Two: Sketch It

On paper sketch or trace the design you want to use for your silhouette – make sure it will fit in the centre of your hoop!  You could also print off a design if you don’t trust your drawing skills

You could also print a design off if you don't fancy sketching
You could also print a design off if you don’t fancy sketching

Step Three: Pin It and Snip It

Pin your design to your black felt making sure you have pins both on the inside of your shape and on the outside so that it still holds in place as you cut.  Now using the sharpest scissors you can find cut through the paper and felt following your outline.

cameo wall hanging tutorial

and you should end up with something a little like this:


Step Four: Glue It

This is the last chance you have to change fabrics…. and so I did!

so pretty
so pretty

Now evenly cover the back of your felt silhouette with fabric glue and stick onto the backing fabric in the centre of your embroidery hoop.  Make sure the fastener of the embroidery hoop is at the top when you do this.

cameo wall hanging tutorial cameo wall hanging tutorial

Step Five: Loop It

Time to make your ribbon loop so you can display your wall hanging with pride.  There are many more permanent ways to do this but I simply tied my ribbon into a loop and then looped it around the embroidery hoop fastener – easy.

cameo wall hanging tutorial

Step Six: Trim It and Glue It

Time to neaten up.  Once your work is dry, turn it over and trim down the loose edges of the fabric, leaving about 2 inches spare.

cameo wall hanging tutorial

Now take your craft glue and apply to the back of the embroidery hoop.  Push the edges of your fabric down onto the glue and allow to dry.

cameo wall hanging tutorial

Now get it on display!

Stag Cameo Wall hanging

Happy Crafternoon!

Photography by Hannah Cox.  Covered under copyright © creativise

Please don’t use without asking and always link back to my blog


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