Such a Sew N Sew… and sew and sew and sew on

As I write this I’m taking a tiny break in my epic evening of stitchery – an evening of sewing and sewing and sewing and sew on…

Back in December I was part of the Get Your Knit On project with Southbank Centre – this has popped up a few times in my blogging since (Here and Here).  We asked knitters across the UK to knit 6 inch squares for us; squares that we would then sew up into blankets to be distributed locally to older people in Lambeth with Age UK.  And so the project began – a few squares started to drift in and gently we began to stockpile knitting.

And then Christmas happened.  

2 weeks later and our post room, desks, and office looked like a beautiful bright woolly mountain!  It was almost overwhelming – THERE WERE SQUARES ALL THE WAY FROM JAPAN!  The response from the public was utterly incredible and with well over a thousand squares collected and squares still arriving daily the project can certainly be marked as a huge-mongous success.

Our mountain of knitting!
Our mountain of knitting!

Of course, squares don’t become blankets all by themselves.  Another big very popular public workshop with a dedicated knitting crew of 50 sitting for 3 hours made an amazing start but just scratched the surface of how much was left to do.

selecting squares
selecting squares

And so here I am.  Today at another public workshop I spent another 2 hours sewing up squares, and tomorrow I’ll do the same but I think my knitting will be travelling home with me for the next few weeks.  I’m very proud to say that I have now completed 2 WHOLE BLANKETS!!  For a beginner I’m pretty proud of myself

Blanket number two complete!
Blanket number two complete!

What struck me most about this project was not the size or scale, or the fact that my bag is now full of darning needles and wool, or even how ridiculously zen I’ve started feeling after a knitting session (does anyone else get this?? Honestly – an afternoon of knitting renders me useless when I return to my computer!).  It’s the incredible social power of knitting; the chit chat, the sharing of knowledge, the feeling of community from sitting and crafting together.  It’s a really beautiful and calming experience – I’d almost say good for the soul.  Or at least an amazing way to take some time out of busy, bustling life and just focus on one small thing that, in this case, builds towards giving back something much larger.


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