An unadulterated celebration of crochet

Welcome to my unadulterated celebration of crochet!

For Christmas I was given a crochet-a-scarf kit.  For New Year’s I resolved to use every crafty gift I’d been given for Christmas.  And so here we are.  I’ve got a day off, I’m watching the new series of The Face (yessssssssss and HELLO Nigel Barker!), and I’m getting to grips with crochet.

And it turns out to my utter delight that crochet is really easy and really quick.  Perfect for those of us unable to concentrate longer than 5 minutes without wandering off, making a tea, deciding now is the perfect moment to paint my nails, guiltily channel flicking in the adverts, or doing a spot of pinteresting!  When I say quick I mean the scarf is already HALF FINISHED – THIS IS NOT A DRILL.

(P.S. This season The Face moves to America – already, ten minutes in, the girls are crying!)

crochet 002

LOOK – SEE!  I wasn’t even exaggerating!

Crochet is also much more forgiving than knitting (hurrah).  This might just be in basic pieces like scarves and I’m sure pro-crocheters will hate me saying this BUT chunky wool, 9mm crochet hook and half double crochet stitches make for a scarf happy to hide the odd error!  Now that’s the odd error: I don’t mean that if you add or lose stitches on every row you won’t notice at the end when you step back to admire your lopsided piece BUT here and there an addition or drop can be hidden relatively well.

I finished the scarf in two sit-down crochet sessions – that was it!  Perfect! …and not too shabby for an first attempt..


The speed, instant gratification and skill level required left me so buoyant that I gave crochet flowers a go too with help from the Scrapbook and Cards Today Mag Blog

yeah yeah I'm a crochet goddess!
yeah yeah I’m a crochet goddess!

AND I’ve started my first pair of wrist warmers!  Big thumbs up from me and an excellent start to the year!


Here are some sites I found really useful in getting started (the instructions in the kit just didn’t cut it – the language completely through a newbie like myself!)

Making Your Starting Chain with

For the lingo; sc, dc, yo etc with Wikihow

General crochet knowledge with really helpful photos from


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