Happy New Year! It’s resolution time!

Oh blimey it’s already that time of year to sit down, look at my life, pick apart my inadequacies and then chop them up into a short sharp list of magical solutions that will leave my life overflowing with good, fuzzy, zen feeling – it’s New Years resolutions time!

it all begins with a list...
it all begins with a list…

I’m sure everyone is making resolutions with various levels of enthusiasm, including my personal faves – the ones you tell EVERYONE you’re undertaking and then have to spend a number of months stealthily guiding the conversation away from the fact you ever mentioned you were going to train for that triathlon, learn spanish, only wear fair trade verified clothing, never eat an entire loaf of tiger bread again (madness!) and so on.

mmmmmm tiger bread
mmmmmm tiger bread

So I like to have an array of resolutions that range from actual challenges, things that are nice to do anyway and stuff I’m pretty much almost doing so I get some of that lovely instant gratification that resolutions normally NEVER give you!  I’m also avoiding my classic resolution traps this year – there will be no triathlon, or lifestyle overhauls – I like chocolate, cheese and drinking far too much!

So here we go:

Become a snap snob

Clickety Click
Clickety Click

I’m going to try (try) to get snobbier about my snaps on here.  It’s a nightmare that anyone who crafts in their spare time and likes to document it will know well.  My spare time is in the evening – the light in my kitchen and sitting room in the evening is to put it bluntly absolutely rubbish.  Everything ends up yellow, or if using flash, a weird drained of colour cold blue.  Chatting to a lovely crafty friend of mine (Davina Drummond of The Making Home ) she told me that she now organises when her crafting time is to ensure she gets maximum light, and if needs be has multiple projects going so she can photograph each project in its next stage at the same time.  Davina is a very clever lady.  My full time job doesn’t exactly lend itself to this very well BUT I’m sure gonna try!

Uke through 2014

oooh pretty Uke from DeviantArt
oooh pretty Uke from DeviantArt

I may have lied earlier – I’m keeping one resolution trap.  I’m keeping my song-a-week Uke challenge up.  BUT I’m expanding so keyboard is an option too.  And just playing a song start to finish counts.  That’s fine right?  I’ve never completed this resolution.  Maybe 2014 is the year!

Stitch up!

knitting form theknitwits
Love this from the http://theknitwits3056.wordpress.com/

Making the most of my newly rediscovered energy for knitting (Thanks to Get Your Knit On with Southbank Centre) I challenge myself to complete ONE full item of clothing this year!

Christmas Craft Gifts

I was given some gorgeous gifts for Christmas this year including A SEWING MACHINE – aaaaaaaaaaargh!!  So I need to use them all!  From crocheting scarves, to making little wooden dolls (which I’m thinking of converting to Christmas decs for next year).  If I have it, it will be done!

The elna eXplore 220 - isn't she beautiful!
The elna eXplore 220 – isn’t she beautiful!

Get a bit Jamie

Save with Jamie - my recipe book of dreams!
Save with Jamie – my recipe book of dreams!

I was given a huge-mongous Jamie Oliver recipe book and some lovely new kitchen utensils and knives for crimbo – well done mum!  So this is an easy one – cook a new recipe from the book every week!  I don’t think even I can fail at this one because it’s basically just an excuse to indulge – hooray!

That’s it for now folks – I hope you all have marvellous starts to the year and best of luck with all your resolutions!

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