Crafternoon How-To: Tassel Necklace

They were out of calling birds so I think it’s time for a beautiful tassel necklace!

You will need:

Tassel necklace tutorial

  • Embroidery Thread
  • Rattail cord for the necklace
  • Card
  • Scissors
  • Glue/Glue gun
  • Jewellery finding to top your tassel and attach to the cord.  I actually bought Christmas baubles from the pound store and used the metal cap on top.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *    *     *     *     *     *     *     *

Step One: Findings

Take your Christmas baubles and separate the metal caps – these will later we used to attach your tassel to your necklace

Tassel necklace tutorial

Step Two: Tassel

Cut your card to the length you want your tassel to be.  Cut 2 little slots into the bottom so you can secure your embroidery thread.  Now wrap your embroidery thread or threads round and round the card (without letting it bend).  The more you wrap the thicker your tassel will be – ten wraps seems to work quite well.

Tassel necklace tutorial

Now take another short section of thread and slide it in between the card and your wrapped thread at the top of your card.  Tie a double knot to secure.  Now cut the threads at the bottom so you have a hanging tassel.  You can leave it like this or tie another piece of thread 1cm from the top to give your tassel a ‘head’.

Glue your tassel into your bauble cap or jewellery finding.

Step Three: Plait

Take your necklace cord (I love using rattail braiding cord for these sort of projects because it hangs without clinging to other fabric) and measure the length you want your necklace plus about 20cm (to allow for the plait and finishing knots).  You need 6 of these lengths, divided into 3 pairs.  Then knot your cords together at one end and plait the full length.

Tassel necklace tutorial

Step Four: Construct

Thread your plait through the bauble cap and tie the two ends of the plait together, and you have a lovely handmade gift!  You can play with the colour scheme, number of tassels and other additions to the ‘pendant’ section of the necklace.  I have a few ideas in mind… watch this space.

Tassel necklace tutorial

Happy Crafternoon!

Photography by Hannah Cox.  Covered under copyright © creativise

Please don’t use without asking and always link back to my blog


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