Crafternoon How-To: Fabric Christmas Decs!

It’s CHRIIIISTMAAAAAAAAAAS …. well December so officially the start of my 12 DAYS OF CRAFTMAS and I’m kicking off with simple fabric Christmas decorations!

You will need:

christmas decs how to 1

  • Christmasssy fabric
  • Felt (for your base, but also any larger detail on your decoration)
  • Ribbon
  • Charms, small bells, buttons, sequins, beads
  • Needle and cotton/embroidery threads
  • Scissors

*     *     *     *     *     *     *    *     *     *     *     *     *     *

Step One: Draw 

Choose your design and draw onto your fabric and your backing felt: I’ve gone for a Christmas tree which I’m going to decorate with mini decoration of it’s own using silver charms.  You could also use any other Christmassy item from Christmas puddings, to stockings, to presents and angels, or cut out a standard shape like a star or circle and embellish it with words.  I’ve got a plan to include a unique Christmas decoration as part of everyone’s gifts this year so check back for an update of some of the other designs I used.

christmas decs how to 2

Step Two: Cut

Snip, snip – cut them out!

christmas decs how to 3

Step Three: Decorate

Decorate and embellish to bring your design to life.  I’ve sewn charms on to ‘decorate’ my tree but you could use words made of sequins or ribbon, add extra fabric or felt to trim your stocking, or add icing to your Christmas pudding etc.  Make sure any knots, or thread ends are on the back of your fabric.

christmas decs how to 4

Step Four: Ribbon

Fold your piece of ribbon in half (you may want to trim to make the right length of loop).  Now sew the loop into place at the top of your decoration.

christmas decs how to 5

Step Five: Sew N Stuff

Lay your fabric on top of the backing felt – trim any obvious overlaps.  Now sew the two pieces together all the way round the edge using backstitch.  As your sew each section stuff some cotton wool in between the felt and fabric to give your finished piece a 3D padded look.

You can also sew your two pieces together inside out (with the ‘right’ sides facing inwards), leaving a 2 inch gap.  Then turn the whole decoration back the right way round, stuff and sew up your gap.  This means the majority of your stitches are hidden.  It’s really up to you – with my design I’ve left the backing red felt slightly visible to create a frame around my patterned fabric.

christmas decs how to 6 christmas decs how to 7

And you’re done!!

christmas decs how to 8 christmas decs how to 9

Happy Crafternoon!

Photography by Hannah Cox.  Covered under copyright © creativise

Please don’t use without asking and always link back to my blog


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