Crafternoon How-To: Peacock costume

Yesterday I put some snaps up on twitter of my peacock costume – so here is how I made it!  First up my mood board of all the inspiration I found online:

peacock mood board

You Will Need:

  • Craft Glue
  • Peacock feathers (I bought mine from Crafty Crocodiles) and used about 14 per costume plus a few in my hair
  • Green felt
  • Ribbon or bunting tape – enough to tie around you
  • Black Card
  • Velcro
  • Scissors

peacock tail 002

Step One: Tail

To make the tail I first cut out a circle of felt and folded in half.  I then cut triangles out of the front half to make a kind of spiky, feathery effect.

peacock costume how to

Next up I laid my feathers out in a fan inside the felt circle.  I used feathers that were about 30cm long but you could buy tail feathers for a more dramatic final effect – if you do this I would advise making your felt base bigger and having some cardboard inside it to make it a bit stronger.

peacock costume how to

Glue Glue Glue all your feathers into place and then fold your cut side of the felt back up into place and press.  Leave to dry

peacock costume how to

Time to make this tail wearable. I used bunting tape and measured a length that would sit around my hips and tie in a bow.  I then placed the felt of my tail in the centre and sewed a few stitches on either edge to hold my bunting tape in place.

peacock costume how to peacock costume how to

Step Two: Cuffs

Using your black card measure around your wrist and cut so you have roughly a 2 inch crossover.  Now cut to the length you want going up your wrist.  I also cut a slight curve into mine so they didn’t look too robotic.  Now add your velcro

peacock costume how to

Now add Glue on the spot that will sit on top of your wrist and add your feathers!

peacock costume how to peacock costume how to

Paired with peacock print leggings, enormous green circus-look eyes, feathers twisted into my hair and a hell of a lot of glitter spray this was a peacock success!!

peacock costume how to


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