Crafternoon How To: Celtic Knot Necklaces

I saw a really beautiful necklace in New Look created with knotted rope.  I happened to have some scrap rope pieces at home so I figured this was the perfect opportunity to make my own!

£5.99 from New Look
£5.99 from New Look

My rope was thinner and a beautiful red colour with blue flecks so I wanted to focus on a smaller Celtic knot design, and then if I come across any thicker rope I’ll have a go at really recreating the tumbling knot look that the New Look necklace has!

You Will Need:

  • Thin or thick rope
  • Jump rings
  • Jewellery pliers
  • A how-to for the knot design you want to create OR you can just experiment (scroll down to see where I got mine from)


Step One: Knot

I googled Celtic knots and decorative knots until I found the sort of style I was looking for.  i then started looking for online how-tos.  There are loads of videos around but I found the still image tutorials on really easy to follow.  I chose to create a Celtic knot and the tutorial for this can be found here

Celtic knot necklace

To secure the knot I used a lighter to burn the ends.  Because my rope had a plastic base the fibres melt which means you can fuse the ends in place by pressing them (with pliers – NOT your fingers) to the back of your knot where they will stick.  Please check what your rope is made of before trying this- and be very careful.

WARNING: Be VERY careful when you do this - crafting is so much harder if you're missing fingers!
WARNING: Be VERY careful when you do this – crafting is so much harder if you’re missing fingers!

Step Two: Lace

Now at this point you could make multiple matching knots, or different one’s to combine in your final necklace.  For my first attempt I’ve kept it simple with just the one so I can now attach the loop that will turn this knot into a necklace.

Using a long enough length of rope to make the knot hang at a long pendant length (and also easily fit over my head) I looped the rope through the natural gaps left in the knot.  Make sure that the ends came out of the back rather than the front of the knot so it hangs flat.

I then added 2 jump rings around my two length of necklace to join them together close to the knot.

Celtic knot necklace

Step Three: Secure

Now it’s time to secure the loose ends to make a loop.  I simply used jump rings again but you could play with adding other jewellery findings (clasps etc) especially if you’ve made your necklace smaller.  Once I had the jump rings in place nice and tight I cut off the ends and burnt them again very slightly with a lighter to stop them fraying

Celtic knot necklace

And you’re done!

Celtic knot necklace

Ready to Wear!
Ready to Wear!

Happy Crafternoon!

Photography by Hannah Cox.  Covered under copyright © creativise

Please don’t use without asking and always link back to my blog


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