In love with… upcycled books!

Ever since visiting the delightful and delicious Feed & Read during Deptford weekend at Southbank Centre I’ve started noticing more and more amazing ideas to upcycle books.  At Feed & Read they sell cards and run workshops in making your own unique cards from pages of books on the way to the bin: thereby upcycling and reducing waste while creating lovely gifts and crafty artwork.  Ingenious!

Check out Cecilia Levy – an amazing artist who works with old books to create stunning new pieces that capture the imagination, including her gorgeous tea cups (below).

“I use books from the beginning of the last century. Take them apart, tear,shred and cut the pages into small pieces that are reassembled into new objects. Eggshell thin, yet remarkably steady. The story lives on, but in a different shape.”

cecilia levy paper cup

From the simple to the sublime here are some of my favourite bookish makes:

1.  paper beads from  Paper beads are simple to make and I think using book pages would give them a beautiful twist.   Have a look at my Crafternoon Paper Beads How-To for instructions to make your own.

2.  An amazing paper pinhole camera!  More info here

3. Paper wreath.  This is a great way to add a literary quirk to your christmas decorations (I’m sorry for mentioning the dreaded C word this early BUT this gives you a couple of months to collect some old books and get folding).  I found this idea at

4. Paper garlands.  I think these look beautiful and very makeable.  This design is from Maisy and Alice at Etsy

5. Framed paper artwork.  This gives me so many ideas about collages and 3D designs you could make with old book pages.  This design is from Sarah & Bendrix

6. GORGEOUS paper Kusudama flowers.  I will never never tire of beautifully created paper flowers… and I will always always wish I was better at making them!!  This piece of inspiration and handy tutorial from My Shabby Soul will keep me hoping

7.  Simple and effective book page gift tags.  Make up a batch and combine with brown paper and coloured string to have beautiful classically wrapped presents forever.

8.  Grow your own!  There’s something very tempting about having a house full of books spurting forth flowers and foliage… it’s a bit Jumanji… or is that just me?  Anyway I love this and it’s from LifeWorkMediaBlog

9.  Not in a million years do I think I would have the patience/accuracy/skill to create this amazing piece.  Isaac Salazar has however and turns unused works into eye-catching art.


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