Crafternoon How-To: Drinks Charms #2 Mini Bunting

What a wonderful time we had at Crafternoon Cabaret Club this week!!  With a sold out event we had something to toast and celebrate and our handmade drinks charms were the perfect addition.  We made three different types and I’ve already published my how-to for simple beaded charms.  Next up we have one of my absolute favourites – Mini Bunting Drinks Charms!!  Gorgeous, super cute and a great way to glam up a pint, wine or cocktail (yes the magic even works on pints – hello summer cider!)

You can make these with wire (as we did in Crafternoon Cabaret Club) or ribbon which I experimented with a few weeks back, so I’ve explained how it works with both choices below.  The ribbon option works well for smaller bunting triangles and the wire option gives more structure to your final charm.  There are also some pics of some of the amazing wire mini bunting charms made at the weekend to give you some inspiration!

You will need:

  • Ribbon OR Craft wire – 22 gauge worked well for me and you need 15cm per charm… or you can make it even longer.
  • Pretty fabric
  • Scissors, needle and thread
  • 2 mini pegs (amazon has loads, as do hobbycraft)
  • Beads, sequins or any other little embellishments
ingredients (sunny day not included)
ingredients (sunny day not  guaranteed)

Step One: Cut your  bunting

Cut 4 matching triangles of your fabric – you can measure these against your glass to decide the size but somewhere between 1 and 2cm wide works well.

mini bunting drinks charms

If you are using wire make sure you leave a lip at the top of your bunting triangle that can be folded down to create the loop for the wire to thread through.

mini bunting drinks charms

Step Two: Decoration

This is a great point to add any decoration to your bunting – sequins, buttons, letter, anything at all!  Sew my pretties, sew!

Step Three: Construct

WORKING WITH RIBBON:  Neatly sew the bunting triangles onto the ribbon to make your mini strip of bunting – make sure you leave an equal amount of ribbon free at each end

mini bunting drinks charms

WORKING WITH WIRE: Fold the lip of fabric you’ve left at the top of the triangle in half and sew along to make a long tube.  Then thread the wire through this.  Repeat for each triangle until you have a row of bunting hanging on your wire

mini bunting drinks charms

mini bunting drinks charms

Step Four: Pegs!

Time to attach your bunting to your mini pegs at either end.  The pegs have got a little hole in the middle of their metal fixing which is what you will wrap your wire or loop your thread through.  The ribbon is sewn to the peg by looping thread round through the ribbon and through the hole in the peg and tying off.   The wire can be looped through a couple of time, tightened and then simply cut off any excess to make it neat

mini bunting drinks charms
“The Fiddly Bit”

And you’re done!  

Clip On, Drink Up, Happy Crafternoon!

mini bunting drinks charms

Some beauteous bunting from one of our crafters!
Some beauteous bunting from one of our crafters!
HIs 'n' Hers
HIs ‘n’ Hers

Photography by Hannah Cox.  Covered under copyright © creativise

Please don’t use without asking and always link back to my blog


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