Crafternoon How-To: Paper Beads

This is a great technique and the perfect way to refill your bead box.  All your need is glue and paper – simple!  Magazines and wrapping paper work really well – today’s beads are brought to you from ShortList Magazine (because I’m a terrible freebie magazine hog!)

Thanks ShortList!
Thanks ShortList!

You will need:

  • Magazine, wrapping paper, decorative paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors

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Step One: Cut!

Cut long triangles from your magazine.  the width of the triangle base dictates how long your bead will be and the triangle height will dictate how thick it will be when rolled up.

paper beads how to

I made a mixture of longer and shorter triangles – for the longer ones I concertina folded the magazine and then used these folds to try and keep my cutting straight

paper beads how to

Step Two: Roll

Roll your triangles up, starting at the wide base.  Use a bamboo skewer, or something similar to get the roll started and add dabs of glue as you go.  When you reach the top of the triangle add glue to the end to secure.

animal bordello, beads and bunting 110

Step Three: Get Bead Happy!

Make LOADS of beads – and then you can use them however you want!  Some ideas to get you started – string them up to make long beaded necklaces, or decorations for your home (hang from windows, mirrors, plants etc), add to jewellery findings for earrings, use to make elaborate present wrapping designs, fill jars with beads for crafty ornaments.

animal bordello, beads and bunting 115    animal bordello, beads and bunting 117

And you’re done!!

Happy Crafternoon!

paper beads how to

Photography by Hannah Cox.  Covered under copyright © creativise

Please don’t use without asking and always link back to my blog


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