Crafternoon How-To: Fascinating!

It the words of those poppy little Danish darlings Alphabeat “We LIVE on fascination”.  Encourage some fascination, exaltation, and serious temptation in your direction with this Fascinator How-To: Happy Crafting!

You will need:

ingredients PLUS beads, buttons and sequins galore!
ingredients PLUS beads, buttons and sequins galore!
  • Template for the base – I made mine teardrop shaped measuring 9cm in length by 5cm at the widest point but you could also make a circle, or anyshape.  This will be what you build on top of.
  • Felt for your base – enough to make two felt bases for your fascinator
  • a couple of small squares of decorative material
  • Sequins, beads and buttons
  • Needle and Thread
  • crocodile hair slide

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

Step One: Cut!

Cut out your template.  The use this to cut out 2 bases from your felt.

i’m in pieces

Step Two: Flowers

Cut out a large circle from each of your decorative fabrics.  These can be different sizes but be careful not to make them too small as they will become dramatically smaller when you turn them into flowers!  Now neatly sew equal stitches all the way round one of the circles, about half a cm from the edge the whole way round.  When you get back to your starting point pull your thread to gather the edges of the fabric together.  Then press flat and knot your thread and cut.  Now sew beads or a button to the centre (on either side – I did one of each!) to make your flower!

flower templates
flower templates
add a button in the centre!
add a button in the centre!
Hurrah!  Flowers complete
Hurrah! Flowers complete

Step Three: design, design, design

Now is a great point to start positioning your feathers and flowers onto the base to see how you want it to look and also how much other room you have to design.  Once you’re happy it’s time to add your feathers!  Now you can use emergency glue at this point (shhh I said it!) BUT beware – glue and feathers do not a happy creation always make…it can get messy…  I actually sewed these in place by sewing tightly around the shaft of the feather with a few stitches going through the actual shaft to make sure it held in place.  I also used my fabric flowers to hide the stitches on the feathers – clever eh?!

keep it neat
keep it neat

Step Four: A girls gotta have pearls…

Pearls look amazing on fascinators and a great way to achieve a beautiful effect without having to sew 30 pearls on individually (we all remember the pain of that from my peter pan collar tutorial right?) is by making a string of pearls and then sewing these into place.  Simply double thread your needle so that you have 2 lengths of cotton knotted at the end.  Thread the first pearl and then thread your needle back under your knot; tighten and this pearl will sit nicely in place.  Thread the rest of the pearls on until you have about 15cm worth and then tie your thread off around the final pearl.  Now lay these into place on the fascinator (spirals always look good or you could use the pearls as an edging)

I love pearls!
I love pearls!

Step Five: SEW

Sew your string of pearls into place with little stitches over it every two or three pearls….

starting to come together
starting to come together


SEQUINS – add them, loads, too many if anything, there can never be enough!  Sequins are perfect for filling space, adding a great edge to the piece, giving that extra bit of sparkle.  You can get a really lovely effect by sewing them in a fish scale formation.

Fish scale sequins:  Sew a line of sequins into place making sure that the visible thread goes form the centre of the sequin directly downwards.  Now sew the second line, laying the sequins in place to cover the thread on the first lines, and so on!  It takes time but it’s worth it.

so many sequins... so little time...
so many sequins… so little time…

Step Seven: Construction!

Time to put this thing together.  Sew your hair clip onto the back of your 2nd fascinator base (check the angle you need it at to secure onto your hair!).  You could also glue this but I feel a bit more secure with stitches… I sewed round and round the back part of the clip with dark thread which looked absolutely fine.  Now it’s that glorious moment when you can look at all your messy stitches on the back of your fascinator (well I did anyway) and say GOODBYE!  Sew your two fascinator bases together around the edge, making sure your first and last stitches only go through one piece of felt so the knots will stay hidden inside…

make sure you get the angle right
make sure you get the angle right

And you’re done!!


and here’s another fascinator design I knocked up – enjoy!

... and here's one I made earlier...
… and here’s one I made earlier…

Put on, rock out, Happy Crafternoon!

Photography by Hannah Cox.  Covered under copyright © creativise

Please don’t use without asking and always link back to my blog


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