Tribute: Some people who are fanning the shit out of life

Well here is a fabulous hooray of celebratory blogging by my darling friend Katie Brennan for some of the people making amazing things happen in the creative world.

some people who are fanning the shit out of life

I feel massively honoured to have made the list!!

We should probably all spend a little more time celebrating the daring, imaginative, innovative bravery of the creatives around us; it is quite incredible  what exciting ventures are out there!!

In honour of that, here are some top-notch ventures by amazing people:

Halbwelt Kultur 

This is an incredible new musical cabaret paying homage seven legendary women from the “intriguing, tantalising and scandalous” Weimar Republic.  With a live jazz band, a myriad of sauciness and an all female cast of glamorous showgirls full of feminist idealism I’m not at all surprised that they sold out their run at the New Wimbledon Studio, or that they then transferred to feature in the run of Hutch at the Riverside studios.  Follow the journey of this extraordinary show from PK productions with me!

Halbwelt Kultur from PK Productions
Halbwelt Kultur from PK Productions

You’ll LOVE this if:

  • You’re a fan of the 1920s and 30s
  • You like a little debauchery with your gin
  • You have ever uttered the words ‘Girl Power’

HIDE the movie

A new feature film from Wildgrass Films written by Jon Stanford, and produced by Charlotte Pegram and Ben Caird, which will be shot in Jon’s home country of Shropshire.  They’ve just made their funding target (woop woop congratulations!!) and now they are casting and about to start shooting.  The whole venture is even more impressive as it’s all eco-friendly, with the crew offsetting their carbon footprint by planting trees in the wood where the film will take place – currently they plan to plant over 150 trees which will go well above and beyond their calculated carbon emissions.  Hear hear to sustainable art!

hide the movie

You’ll LOVE this if:

  • You’re an avid follower of new British film talent
  • You’re a bit of a country bumpkin at heart (hell yes!)
  • You grow your own veg, have a compost patch and separate your recycling

Artist Flora Bradwell

I think Flora deserves a special mention here – artist, film maker, mad imaginer of wonder, and founder of Greenhorn Film Festival.  She is a serious source of inspiration to me – and not just because once we met up and I was wearing an obscenely fluffy purple faux fur coat and she was in a gold astronaut style puffer jacket.

Her latest venture is The Cluen Dynasty at Jacksons Lane: a glorious art installation/museum/exhibition sharing with us the weird and wonderful history of The Cluen Dynasty; a family of circus performers, rich in ancestral lineage and amazing family heirlooms.  A GREAT exhibition to pop into, have a coffee, marvel at Terrible Tony, Cheryl the Incredible and the Pyramid Gang.

Flora has once again dreamed up a hilariously insane world of wonder to explore; I am, as always, really excited about the next venture.

You’ll LOVE this if:

  • You have ever worn gold lamé, full length sequins, or paint
  • You walk to an epic soundtrack… in your head
  • You think life is at it’s best when it’s full of the unexpected

Bruised Sky Productions

A young company with a gritty look on life found only at the bottom of a home brewed whisky bottle.  Theatre with no limits headed up by Martin Murphy and James Kermack.  They’ve had a three week run of Manor by Martin Murphy in the west end, and of LADS by James Kermack at the Canal Cafe and the Edinburgh Festival, they’ve produced readings of exciting new work, they’ve just started breaking into film, and when they have a moment they spend it creating and promoting new comedy web-series Business: The Movie.  Their latest venture is producing David Scinto’s (of Sexy Beast and Gangster No. 1 fame) new play Animal Bordello at Soho Theatre.  You can buy tickets now by following the link below

Stephen Pucci in 'Manor' by Martin Murphy
Stephen Pucci in ‘Manor’ by Martin Murphy

You’ll LOVE this if:

  • You like Sarah Kane, Jez Butterworth, David Scinto or Bruce Robinson
  • You enjoy posing around in a leather jacket
  • You have ever felt that dreadful panic when you realised there is no. more. wine.

Cheers to all of you creative devils and here’s to many more adventures!!


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