To throw or not to throw? My scrap guilt breakdown

I’m having a scrap guilt breakdown. To throw or not to throw?  I feel torn in two and potentially ethically questionable?  My main concern is the fact I’m even allowing my scrap guilt to take up this much mental space.


I should be fine hoarding.  I like to use my house, desk, life as a great big cosy crash mat on which to juggle everything I’m working on or thinking about.  I use the floor (and every available surface) like a wonderful filing cabinet of life.  I’m terrible at throwing things away which is meant to be an admirable quality in a crafter!  There are LOADS of tutorials online for crafting with scraps (google it).  Ucreate crafts have an amazing list here that covers everything from maps, coasters and wreaths to jewellery and clothing.  But I just don’t know if I care enough…

I spent a really really long 2 hours sorting out all my leftovers from the last Crafternoon Cabaret Club at the weekend.  It wasn’t the glowing, inspirational experience that my reading of craft blogs had led me to believe.  I was expecting discoveries, excitement at finding one more bit of that fabric, one more set of those buttons, maybe a nostalgic chuckle or two as I remembered the stories; the journey of my crafting.

In reality sorting through leftovers is much more about avoiding being pricked by yet another needle/pin/brooch, getting covered in fray-fluff (the fluff that comes off materials that are fraying a bit at the edges and by association all those little cut-offs of cotton – yeah I didn’t have a name for this either UNTIL NOW.  FYI black leggings was a baaad clothing choice), and desperately needing, while trying not to admit that you have a craft classifying system.

I am now that person.  I have an organisational craft supplies system.  I hate and love myself in equal parts for this.  Cringeworthy but efficient; potentially only matched by my love of a good excel spreadsheet (am I right ladies! *silence*)

My system goes as follows

  • Threads and needles AKA SEWING SUPPLIES
  • Scissors and glues AKA CONSTRUCTION
  • FITTINGS like earring backs, hair clips etc

all good so far… then the system starts to trail off a bit

  • PRACTICAL THINGS like table cloths or bowls
  • WEIRD THINGS THAT DON’T REALLY GO ANYWHERE ELSE like playing cards, sweet wrappers,
  • THINGS THAT I HAVE PROMISED MYSELF I’LL DO SOMETHING WITH BUT HAVEN’T YET – my favourite pile.  basically an extension of my wardrobe consisting of clothing items I’ve ‘thrown out’ but kept because they are ‘oh so useful’ and will make ‘perfect’ fabric squares for crafting thus also being an ‘efficient’ and ‘economic’ use of material.  I am a genius.  And my boyfriend agrees and certainly doesn’t dislike the pile of clothes that sit on our bedroom floor in this storage category.

So this leaves the scraps.  Loads of them.  Multiple, varying size, colour, texture.  At once inspirational and taunting:

“there is so much you could do with us… but you won’t… and we’ll sit here in a growing pile reminding you… mwahahahaha!”

I want to throw them away.  So very much.  But then I get the guilt.  It’s such a waste to throw pieces that realistically could be used again.  Could be perfect for some tiny embellishment.

Also weirdly it makes me feel like a bit of a craft imposter to not be excited about my scraps… in a similar way to how I found sorting out my materials a total drag.  I love the making, I love the designing, I hate the clearing up.  and therefore I hate dealing with any kind of aftermath from my mess making.  Totally fair and normal right?  Definitely not like the actions of a messy child, right?

So the scraps are staying.  For now.  I’m going to hoard like mad in the hope that inspiration strikes…. or I’m going to heavily focus on fabric accessory making at the next few Crafternoons… you have been warned…


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