Such a sew ‘n’ sew…

Yesterday I had a GLORIOUS couple of hours making.  I was testing out How-To’s for the next Crafternoon Cabaret Club.  So I sat and cut and sewed and designed and beaded to my hearts content (I’ll get all three DIY How-To’s online over the next few weeks).

Throughout this my very supportive boyfriend (referred to hear as simply Murphy) nodded and smiled at my lace creation, commented on my beading, generally complimented and didn’t look too blank when I started talking about the difficulties of sewing individual beads and how that might define someone’s design… before scurrying off to the bedroom to get on with his own work.

After a while I pop into the bedroom to see how he’s doing.  He decides to come through for a drink.  He looks a bit stressed out and tired.  On his way out of the bedroom he notices that his dressing gown has a hole in the seam….

Me: Oh that’s alright, you’ll be able to sew that up no problem.  Just do it from the inside so it doesn’t show

Him: (without missing a beat) Maybe your next Crafternoon Cabaret Club can be doing Murphy’s darning!

He then laughs like nothing has ever been so funny in the history of the world as what he’s just come up with.  He checks my face and laughs harder.  When he eventually finishes he looks happy and refreshed and continues through to the kitchen without even glancing back.



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