The best piece of advice I’ve been given…

I’ve been talking a lot about advice today.  The greatest tips, the life changing conversations and the exposure to completely new views or life approaches that stay with you and shape your own decisions.  It’s quite incredible; once you start delving into the subject you realise just how many little rules or ideals you live by or aspire to – combine this with sharing and exchanging all these pearls of wisdom with other people and suddenly everyone is a patchwork of the people they’ve come into contact with.  Finding out one rule that someone else lives by can absolutely fill in your understanding of them as a person.

So I thought I would share some of the best pieces of advice I’ve been given… and some of the pieces of advice that were shared with me today…. and some that I wish someone had told me 10 years ago!

  • If you’re working a long weekend wear heels to get through it with a smile

dorothy shoes

  • Learn how to make a good cup of tea
  • Treat yourself like you would your best friend
  • Keep your head cool and your feet warm
  • Have passion in your work or let your work support your passion
  • It’s ok to cry
  • Get a bike and cycle everywhere!

knitted bike

  • Never stop learning – there are always new things to discover
  • Question everything
  • Pull faces at yourself in the mirror
  • Learn how to cook a roast – then you will always be able to bring people together


  • Call your parents at least once a week
  • Regret the things you did do, not the things you didn’t
  • Have fun!
  • Try everything
  • Don’t do anything you are sure you don’t want to do
  • Always have a ten pound note on you


  • Be brave in your decisions
  • Learn how to manage your money
  • Celebrate little successes as well as big ones

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