A compulsion to create

I’ve been working hard today.

Disclaimer:  Jobs described in the following few lines may not sound like hard work.

I spent my lunch break googling DIY fashion patterns to make How-To cards, writing a press release and twittering like my life depended on it.  I attended a masterclass too.  I also started work early to solve some tricky problems with Rickshaws.  And then, once home, I’m immediately on my laptop working through my project to-do list for Crafternoon Cabaret Club.  I think I might have a problem: A compulsion to create if you will.

The brilliant masterclass I attended was an IdeasTap Spa workshop with Jake Orr, of A Younger Theatre notoriety amongst other exciting achievements, on ‘Making and Managing a Successful Blog or Multi-Authored website’.  Among various useful tips and pearls of wisdom the points that rang true for me were

Want it and know why you’re doing it

Allow things to develop organically

Work out what you offer that is unique – maybe it’s you

Call your readership to action

Brand yourself

These pointers were so incredibly relevant to hear just at the time where I’m questioning if I have indeed spread myself too thinly.  The biggest issue with being interested in everything pretty much and wanting to progress in lots of different directions professionally is that your ideas start to feel a little overwhelming and overgrown.   

My Heads... or junk culture by Magdalena Bors
My Heads… or junk culture by Magdalena Bors

The compulsion to act on everything that you’re imagining all at once can get out of hand!  Sometimes all you need is to hear that other people have the same experience  or that growth and success take time, or that everyone else is answering emails 7 days a week too!

However I do utterly believe in the projects I’ve started up.  I love learning new skills like knitting and I really enjoy singing again and I believe that the larger, more long term projects have a potential for growth that’s really exciting.  Intensive weeding isn’t in order just yet…but maybe some focused pruning so that the jungle in my head can become a little more controlled with some sort of common aesthetic…

rabbit maze

So now, feeling calmer and more composed, and notably more in the know about SEO I might add (!) I’m excited about harnessing that compulsive streak and applying it to making spreadsheets, and installing plug-in’s and downloading tools that can help me run this tiny bit of world I’m trying to dominate.


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