Getting Rowdy with Gaudi – Architecture in Barcelona

Welcome to my second Barcelona post inspired by the architectural work of Antoni Gaudí; the master of modernism.

I was absolutely obsessed with photographing the architecture in Barcelona – stonework, design, stained glass and amazing balconies (I do love a good balcony) adorn the buildings and you simply had to glance upwards to be transported somewhere new.  We visited almost all of the Gaudí structures and I was completely struck by how they changed the landscape; it was almost like someone had dreamed about a strange fantasy world and then made it into a reality.

Imagine diving into the ocean and swimming down to the very bottom where the water has gone black and lifeforms hide in shadows.  Now imagine a mythical city you have read, dreamed, or heard about.  Plant that city in the darkness and watch it grow.   Watch the sides of the building soak in the water and bulge under the weight.  Watch the turrets spiral upwards, shaped by the currents.  Marble and tiles split and scatter and tiny seeds earth themselves into the walls and spread their roots.  And now drain the water away and rise your creation up to the coast of Barcelona and drag it onto the shore.

For me this is how the work of Gaudí feels: organic structures that have erupted from the landscape itself.

Photography is something I’ve been interested in for a long time and always really enjoyed but never been focused enough to properly spend time learning how to confidently play with the form beyond framing and contrast/colour mixes in post production.  However my new camera has now arrived (I’ve gone with a bridge camera; Nikon Coolpix P510) so I’m really excited about starting to experiment!

As these were taken on my old compact camera I have changed some of the saturation balance in post production.  I hope they capture some of what fascinated me about Gaudí’s style.



Photography by Hannah Cox.  Covered under copyright © creativise
Please don’t use without asking and always link back to my blog


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