What’s your platform? Happy International Women’s Day!

This post is dedicated to International Women’s Day and the women that fought for equality, pushed to break down barriers and stereotypes and generally achieved amazing things.

Every voice needs a platform and here are some of my favourites.

Feminism fashion

Why have metallic fingertips when you could have some of the most inspiring female faces in history?  Check out these incredible Feminist Nail Wraps featuring writers, politicians, artists and astrophysicists.  Which fierce female would you want to pay tribute to?


Say it Loud

This time last year I watched the Equals 2012 gig in the Royal Festival Hall compered by Annie Lennox herself.  She is one of the only women that I can think of who could begin a night dedicated to equality, celebration and amazing women saying that she felt a bit uncomfortable with situations where she had to boldly declare herself a feminist and end it leading a rallying cry of ‘I am a feminist’ echoing out across the auditorium as more and more people stood up and joined in.  I am also hugely uncomfortable with the angry, bra burning feminist persona but I stood, and I shouted, and it was incredible.

Protest by Post

These amazing postcards were circulated by suffragettes and their supporters.  Witty and clever – what women do best!

Companions In Disgrace
Companions In Disgrace
We're what?
We’re what?

Get your funny out

Sometimes comedy is the only way, as shown by Bryony Kimmings latest video creation: The Fanny Song

Women are amazing beings xx


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