Street Art Picks – Brick Lane

Brick lane is my artistic Mecca; its bright and bustling streets filled with workers, ravers, fashionistas, baristas (get GREAT coffee from Nude Espresso on Hanbury Street) artistes, touristes, outcasts and incasts, and the Brick Lane landscape feels like one big canvas recording their footsteps.  Street art is everywhere; you can even go on tours around Old Street, Shoreditch and Brick Lane for an expert’s guide.  I think the joy of street art is in the discovery though; I saw these amazing pieces on the way home from training 10 year olds in a school nearby:

Mix and match heads
Mix and match your many faces
The hog of brick lane
The hog of brick lane
birds camp out in the Brick Lane jungle
birds camp out in the Brick Lane jungle

2 thoughts on “Street Art Picks – Brick Lane

  1. Hmm I’m never sure how I feel about East London and graffiti…it’s great to see so much free art but there is something to be said for the time when graffiti had a sense of sub-culture about it…pre-banksy. I think that I’m thinking about this too deeply! I walk through the Waterloo graffiti tunnel on my way to work sometimes – the walls are always changing, it’s great.

    1. Interesting. I love graffiti for the idea that the street is a canvas which anyone can use but I’m not so keen on daubed names and tags…it just feels a bit territorial (having said that the Waterloo tunnel is amazing because everything is covered, it’s always changing and there’s usually artists at work). When the new Banksy piece popped up on Poundland in Turnpike Lane (when I was living there) I had a real moment of feeling like that was what graffiti is for – messages and protest through art created where anyone can see, experience and react to it.

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