The Rules

I have decided to create some rules (although they’re not as strict as that) to help me finish or not finish but at least maintain a sense of progression in my projects.  Maybe they’re more of a list of supportive how-to’s…

If you have any tips you swear by to keep yourself motivated I’d love to know about them!

–          Have a project buddy.  If you can find someone else as excited about making moustache key-rings as you are then you can pick each other up on the down days and keep each other energised with your useful and/or hilarious research

–          Mix your project types.  If you’re starting multiple projects try and be working on a mix of those that will take longer to finish (like more detailed making projects or events), those which require constant input but give constant results (skills learning, or for me the singing group),and those that will give you something back quickly (easy craft activity)

–          And on that note… Variety is the Spice of Life.  It’s not good to decide to start 4 separate making projects which all require time and commitment.  Knitting a scarf for your sister and sewing a cushion cover for your mum whilst beading a hand-made collar for your best mate is going to result in a pile of chores that you hate to look at – unless you have lots and lots of time to dedicate.  Choose projects that require different skill sets and give you a different process to work through.

–          Make it about you.  As you may know (particularly with the amount of blog and headspace this project has started taking over) one of my new ventures is learning to knit.  When I first thought about it I immediately thought of all those lovely hand-crafted and money saving gifts I could give to people – and was panicking about doing it all before I had even begun!  Now my first knitting project will be to make a woolly hat for myself.  That means I’ll stay motivated; because at the end of it all hopefully I’ll have a lovely woolly hat to wear!  It also takes the pressure off; I don’t have a birthday deadline and I don’t have to have that fixed grin moment as I desperately try and read my giftees face to work out whether the first-time-knitter creation is really their thing.

Don’t forget to laugh!  It’s all meant to be fun right?  That’s why you started that knitting/crafting/writing/musical/self improvement project in the first place!  if you’re stuck in a rut go out and look at amazing examples of what you’re trying to make that already exist in the world… and cool, funny, interesting things that barely relate at all but make you smile.  I’m also a big fan of scanning the internet for amazing sculptures and artworks that exist – guerilla street art in particular.

A few to get you started;

some people dance

Inspiring post-it notes left in public from Visual News

Chicken Art

25 impressive works made from recycled materials from List 25

peel away the city

and amazing, beautiful and funny street artworks gathered at Bored Panda

Good luck creativising!!


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