Knitting New Year

It’s 2013! Which means resolution times ahead. I have the standard eat-less-exercise-more ideas in my head, along with taking at least two new creative projects forward a step or two, but I am also focusing on skills building this year, and I think I have discovered how to interest and inspire myself on this course whilst keeping a very serious tab on the cake side of craft (craft always involves cake. Fact. As does any kind of community work, meetings, gatherings, and teaching sessions).

I’m on a mission of discovery and I’m pretty terrified. I’m going to learn to knit. Now I should point out right now that I am absolutely not taking this on alone and I am not self teaching; the result of which would inevitably be myself, tangled in a ball of yarn, sobbing in the corner. Two of my work colleagues have set up a knitting group (cue any puns you can muster for the group name – they’re still searching – suggestions so far include Get Your Knit Off, Knit jam, Knit One Pearl One. Sadly the classic ‘Bitch and Stitch’ has already been taken by another group who regularly meet at Southbank Centre). One of these colleagues also writes the oh-so-tempting Brockley Bakehouse blog, which, if anything, will be my sweet treats downfall this January… BUT back to knitting: The reason for my sheer terror at this prospect is this is not the first time someone has tried to teach me to knit. I very clearly remember my mother AND my grandmother on separate occasions enthusiastically sitting me down, popping needles into my hands and explaining…watching…looking confused….unknotting…picking up the needles….rethreading (do you thread knitting needles?)….tutting…eyes rolling and gently taking the needles and wool away before I could knot up and break any more of their thread.

But this is why I love January!  It’s a month all about beginnings so maybe this finally is my time?  Plus I have the added motivation of making a hat…I’ve got grand plans for that hat along the lines of embellishment and accessory….whether my knitting skills will take me that far we’ll have to see…

Three reasons to knit

Knitscapes and tree cosy’s by Carol Hummel 

Warhol in Wool by The Materialists (and blogged by make it and mend it)

and this is crochet but too brilliant to miss – taxidermy to catapults by Nathan Vincent

And THIS is how I am going to satisfy my sweet tooth through the power of wool:

Knitted Food by Philadelphia-based artist Ed Bing Lee

woolly cakes by Ed Bing Lee chocolate cake by Ed Bing Lee

…and next time you’re contemplating the junk maybe try this instead…

Burger by Ed Bing Lee


3 thoughts on “Knitting New Year

  1. You were probably just a bit too young when they started you off- learning with friends as an adult can be very rewarding! There are lots of helpful guides and videos online for when you’re knitting at home, too. Not to forget encouragement from your fellow bloggers… So good luck!

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