Why nesting is excellent for the creative soul!

v. nest·ednest·ingnests


1. To build or occupy a nest.

2. To create and settle into a warm and secure refuge.

3. To hunt for birds’ nests, especially in order to collect the eggs.

4. To fit together in a stack.

So I’m going to really stretch out the metaphor here BUT here in a nutshell (or eggshell – ha – terrible joke) is how ‘nesting’ can be a strategy for creative thinking.  I think that taking creative risks is a brave action and so to dream up and hatch (pun 1) those ideas and follow through I think you need to be coming from a safe place – that could be an excellent team, a budget that won’t fall through or privately feeling really comfortable with putting your outlandish idea out there in the first place, and having the confidence to push it forward and share it with the flock (pun 2).  Once you have the foundation in place you can let you imagination fly (pun 3 – oh god no more).

Nesting in style Photo © Mark Pfister
Nesting in style
Photo © Mark Pfister

I don’t spend very much time alone – I live with my boyfriend, I work at a full time job that is focused around participation and people and run youth sessions in my spare time, and have wondrously proactive fun friends who organise events and meet ups like there’s no tomorrow.  My time is so full that actually having a bit of time to be completely on my own is very rare.  Then filling that time with something useful or fulfilling can be really hard.  I’m very used to motivating others but motivating myself is a real slog.  So that’s where nesting comes in.  Surrounding yourself with everything you may or may not need, shutting the world off, even for a couple of hours, getting comfortable and just writing, planning, drawing, blogging, looking for inspiration, can be a total revelation.  It’s ok to waste the time if you’re wasting it on yourself!!  It’s ok to spend 2 hours testing out colour combo’s on your new website, filling a notepad with pun based titles for an event that you’re not quite sure will ever happen, googling sculptures made from books (I have by the way – Columbian artist Miler Lagos made some incredible pieces for Magnanmetz Gallery).  Sometimes indulging yourself in just thinking creatively can be the spark you need to get started – I hope so anyway because, if not I have just totally wasted my morning looking at pictures of DOG ARCHITECTURE (no joke – it’s phenomenal – follow through to Dezeen.com to see for yourself)  and wondering how that could combine with a play I’m sure I want to right about friendship and blowing up a train.

to finish, here is my proposal for a new meaning of the word nesting:

V. Nest-ed, nest-ing, nests

1. To create a space fit for the purpose of thinking

2. To make that space comfortable, secure and cosy, to enable a feeling of complete security that allows the mind to journey out of its comfort zone and take creative chances

3. To engage in a search for new bold ideas without distraction, in order to collect and harvest those ideas for usage at a later date

4. To give yourself time for ideas to come together in a natural way, fitting, like jigsaw pieces in your overall vision, plan, proposal

I suggest you type this up on some fancy paper and have to hand to wave in the face of the next person to try and get you out of bed!


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