11 Things No One Tells You About Going to a Strip Club

For years now, strip joints have been the epitome of a great night out. No matter what your preferences are when it comes to sex, you can find all sorts of kinky stuff going on all over the world. From fancy gentlemen’s clubs with high-end entertainment to local, sleazy strip joints that you’d see in noir movies, pole dancing is what makes us tick.

Yet, it seems that some people don’t know much about these places. And that’s the reason why our article aims to list eleven important facts you’ve probably missed due to common misconceptions that surround these establishments. We’ll go through the ins and outs of live adult entertainment, talking about work hours, tips, and much more. So, let’s check ‘em out!

Strip Clubs Are Not Only Open at Night

Isn’t it weird that movies and TV shows think that topless clubs only work at night? Well, they don’t. The thing is, it just seems cool to portray them as nocturnal and, therefore, somewhat dangerous. But in reality, you can walk into one during the daylight if you’d like.

Of course, the main party is when the sun goes down. Most people you’ll see during the day are either lonely or still up from last night. The atmosphere during the day might not be as cool as you’d think, so we’d still say it’s better to visit later.

You Can’t Go Around Grabbing Body Parts

One of the most important things to learn about strip clubs is that you can’t go around touching strippers without their consent. Pop culture often depicts these joints as places where guys do whatever they like to sex workers, but that’s simply not true. Moreover, it’s the opposite.

Firstly, that’s sexual assault. Don’t be surprised if security comes along and throws your ass out or calls the cops. So, don’t act smart around these guys because you’ll probably go flying into the trash cans in front of the club — again, just like in the movies.

There Are Usually More Girls Than Gross Dudes Present on Weekend Nights

You’d be surprised what’s the actual demographic of strip clubs on average. Most people think of them as places for drunk, gross dudes who sit there all pathetic waiting for the stripper to climb down and ask them for the privilege. Well, it’s not like that.

Weekend nights are the perfect time for you and your posse to go visit. The reasons being — there are more girls than you’d think hanging around. They enjoy the show as much as guys do, and the crowd is pretty colorful.

This Isn’t Coyote Ugly

Again, the way normies see strip clubs is just embarrassing. Movies and TV shows tell us that you can do pretty much whatever you’d like while visiting. Still, the reality is much different. You can’t jump on stage and join the dance.

And if you try something like that, you’re bound to end up on the floor in bruises. Not only will the security beat you up, but strippers have some skills too. So, once again, don’t act smart and kid yourself that you can own the place because you can’t.

Some Assholes Throw Change — Don’t Do That

“What’s your tip when dealing with strippers?” some would ask. Well, firstly, don’t be a jerk and throw change at the girls. Not only is it rude, but you can’t expect exotic dancers at gentlemen’s clubs to accept that.

It’s all about the greens. You know — dollar bills solve everything. And if you’re looking to leave a lasting impression on your favorite stripper, use cash, and be generous. After all, there are many jerks out there, so there’s no need to be another one of them.

There Is a Flat Rate for Songs, but They Might Not Tell You When a Song Ends

Frankly, sex work can be pretty sketchy. You might want a combo of lap dancing and your favorite song playing, but you need to be careful. Why? Well, you just might lose yourself in her boobs and forget the song’s over.

And if it comes to that, you’ll owe a lot of money. But don’t try to swirl your way out of the situation because it won’t end well. So, pay up, but be careful with special services since they make even the coldest of hearts forget what time it is.

Saying No to a Dance Is Awkward, but Allowed

When it comes to lap dances, you’re free to say stop. Don’t feel ashamed to tell a dancer that you’re done. Their job is to take as much money from you, so you can’t expect them to end their dance after a couple of minutes.

And if you’re not feeling like it or just don’t have much money left, open your mouth in a timely fashion. Just be polite about it, and you’ll have no trouble. Yelling or pushing them away is a no-go, so don’t be rude.

If You’re a Woman, You’ll Likely Get Boobs In Your Face

It’s no secret that women tend to act more reasonably when they see another female dance around almost naked. Hence, they’re more likely to get boobs in their face. And if they don’t want this specialty, they can simply say no thank you.

On the other hand, guys are creepier. So, if you want more attention, politely use your words without grabbing. You might lose your hands if you continue to use them inappropriately. 

Even Though This Is Your Wild Night Out, the Rules Still Apply

Spending time at a strip club is often the choice for people who’re looking to celebrate something. However, that doesn’t mean you can do whatever you’d like. Because, again, if you do, you’ll probably end up thrown out with a broken rib or two.

G-String Tips and Food Tips Are Different

An entertainment venue like a strip joint means tips. And tips don’t work solely for the girl who’s dancing in front of you and your posse. You must also leave money to waitresses no matter if they’re half-naked or not. Keep that in mind.

That Stripper Is at Work

Most of the time, it’s easy to forget that strippers are just doing their job. They’re not there to hook up with you. These women are at work, so don’t fool yourself thinking that she’s into you because you’ll only end up broken-hearted and with no money.

Of course, we understand how one could lose their shit over a nice-looking girl who’s doing all sorts of provocative stuff with her body on the dance floor. But that’s the whole point of her act. She’s there to make you spend as much as you can.