Crafternoon Cabaret Club

Welcome to Crafternoon Cabaret Club!

Crafternoon Cabaret Club is a London based monthly Saturday afternoon of crafting and cabaret performance; my idea of weekend bliss!

  • Get creative
  • Develop your craft skills
  • Make something personal and unique to take away with you
  • Watch performances by exciting new and established acts on the cabaret and comedy scene.

All materials provided with handy how-to cards and guidance from our Crafternoon Crew.

I’m absolutely delighted to announce that Crafternoon Cabaret Club has won the Creative Idea award in the Mollie Makes Handmade Awards!!  

Read more about the awards here and all about the day here

Our next event is on 25th October: Join us to make Halloween masks and enjoy a ghoulish cabaret line-up!  Book your place now!

… for future events follow us on Facebook or Twitter to be first in line!

Every month we’re joined by exciting up and coming and established acts from the cabaret and comedy scene.  Previous acts have included: Peter Straker, Sarah Jones, Jay Foreman, Pistol & Jack, Lindsay Sharman, Bob and Jim, Damsel Sophie, Mister Meredith, Mary Beth Morossa, Tricity Vogue, The Kitchen Quartet, Sara Cluderay, Maya Levy, Bob and Jim, We Are Goose, Two Dumb Blondes and Lotta Quizeen.

Tweet with us @CrafternoonClub and follow our founder @parlourbird

Join us on Facebook to share your photos of your crafting ventures and get more event info!

We recently turned ONE – let’s celebrate!


7 thoughts on “Crafternoon Cabaret Club

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  7. Hi there – thanks for the tweet
    If you have any events taking place between APRIL 25th and JUNE 1st, can you email me for inclusion in LOVE SEWING listings?

    thanks !

    Helen – Ed

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